Hi my name is Ania and I will be your teacher.

My journey to teaching Polish as a foreign language started in 2003, when I moved from London to Slough, where I have settled permanently. As I was a qualified teacher and a Master of Education, I decided that it would be fascinating to make the difficult Polish language accessible to speakers of other languages. 

As there were not many text books available on the market which I found useful or helpful in my teaching, I started designing and creating my own resources and developing my own methods of teaching. I have been continuously revising and improving them in order to make the difficult Polish language as easy and pleasant to study as possible. It has been so rewarding for me to see how much my students improve, how much confidence they gain and how much the lessons inspire them to further explore, not only the language, but the Polish culture too. 

Over the years, I have gained a great deal of experience teaching in various settings and venues, such as schools, Colleges, Language Centres etc. As I often had to tailor the lessons according to students’ levels, ability, the number of people in the class etc., I am well prepared to manage any challenging situations that may arise in my teaching. I believe that everyone can make fantastic progress regardless of their level, age or talent for languages -everyone can succeed!  

It is extremely important for me to make my lessons an enjoyable experience where the learning process is happening in a pleasant atmosphere, with beautiful Polish music in the background and a tasty Polish ‘Ptasie Mleczko’ on the table. The students often comment on how quickly time flies by in the lessons. 

When I am not teaching, I go to the local park for a walk and then, with a good book in front of me, sip a cup of tea in the café. When the holidays come, I set off to explore other counties. My usual destinations are: Poland (of course), Spain and France. My goal is to speak Spanish fluently and to play the piano well enough to be able to play the beautiful pieces of the great Polish composer F. Chopin.